James Adcock - Took my money and sent me a bad engine

Jacksonville, North Carolina 2 comments
Not resolved

the story goes like this I ordered a engine from James adcock back in january2011 I've Been trying To get a refund since march one story afte another its now december. Almost a year later He said he's having the picked up then he'll refund me its been a week no word from him . Im sure he will have reason why its not been picked up there's been a lot if bad reviews about this company so find yours parts some where else local so you don't have issues with getting your part warranted with out being lied to

Review about: Used Engine.



Still waiting on a refund after a year and 200 different excuses still no money. We even settled for a lower refund.he said he might have to shut down business if it don't get better.I quess ill never get my money


The company name is adcock auto parts. DO NOT buy from this company . If your looking for a good company try Knox auto parts

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